Monday, August 27, 2007

Storys of Austin and pictures


So I'm Still POTTY TRAINING ugh! I swear my son will be in diapers till he is a teenager lol! I had him in big boy underwear and i got tired of changing poopie ones yuck!!! So back into pull-ups at least its easier to clean up. He will however go pee in the potty so I'm half there I just wish it was the opposite way It would be so nice just to change a pee. Boy dose Austin have an imagination recently he has decided he is a cowboy riding a bull in the rodeo. (We went and watched in coalville fair) So he gets his cowboy hat and gallops around the room and then falls to the floor saying "ouch i fell down" its so funny to watch. Anther funny thing he is doing is he pretends to have a handful of candy and throws it to people like he is in a parade. It took me a while to figure out what he was doing. Here is one more funny story. The missionary's were passing us and gave us a picture of Jesus. Well i ask

Mom: Who is this?
Austin: Jesus
Mom: Jesus is our brother did you know that?
Austin: No, Josh is my brother.!

I could have died laughing. It was so cute and the way he said it was just like mom you don't know what your talking about. Alright i got to get back to my family laterz

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Small update

Ok I had my colonoscopy and ewww the drink in HORRIBLE! Let me tell you it tastes like salty tears but so salty that you almost gag and they add a lemon taste to it that just makes you sick! Anyways, Everything came back normal and they still don't know why i was having the pains in my stomach. Lucky me. So the pain has gone away lets hope it stays that way! Well the video wont download sorry

Monday, August 13, 2007


Just take the picture already!

OK, now I'm happy!

I still have not gotten Austins b-day pic's cause they are on a diffrent camera. I don't use my digital camera much because its broken and its hard to use now so i only take pics when i really really need to lol. The kids are doing great! I'm in the process of potty training Austin he is doing really well at home but when we are out and about he forgets to tell me and has accidents so when we are on the go we still are in pull-ups. Joshua is growing and is starting to play! It's a lot of fun.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Time flys!

Wow time sure dose fly bye fast. Austin turned 3 years old on the 25 of July and we went to Jungle Jims. It was fun Austin had a ball! He got a lot of toys and some cool "CARS" sheets for his bed. His cake was Thomas the Tank Engine it was so cute! Then on the 27th we went to Coalville to celebrate with my side of the family We went swimming and Austin is such a fish. He jumps right in no FEAR at all. Then we went and ate Pizza and opened presents there too. He then jumps in the house pool and it is ICE cold. He played and played but it was so cold he could barly talk nomal cause he was shivvering so bad. It was a really good day. Joshua is now 3 months old and yes i took another picture today lol. Its so fun to see the changes each month. He found his toes and he grabs them and trys to eat them but gets mad cause he still dont have the coordination to get them in his mouth. On news of me I was in the hospital the other night cause i was having pains in my stomach and they thought i was having a pendicitis well i was not but i do have inflamintion in my small intestine thats is causing the pain. so I have to have a colonoscopy done FUN not so not looking forward to that. thats all for now
i will post pic later