Sunday, September 21, 2008

Slacking On Updates SORRY!!

Ok i have just been SO BUSY that i have not updated.

I Need to say ...

HAPPY 1st BIRTDAY BEN on the 10th

HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY ETHAN on the 17th.

First -I watched my Nieces Jocelyn and Alexiea for a week (10th-15th). It was a Busy week. We took them to the State Fair it was a lot of fun! We were there for 6 hours and still did not see everything. The Kids were exausted by the time we were done. Jocelyns Fav thing at the fair was the white tigers. She tells everyone about them. Lexie and Austin played and played they were so good with each other. I will never forget haveing my own HORSE in my house She pretended she was a horse all day everyday It was too cute. We Loved having them here and cant wait until we can have them again!

Second- My mom stayed at my house with me to make salsa and did my house smell good!!! I love spending time together! We stay up all night and just talk. I feel so blessed that im so close to my mom she is an amazing person in my life and I am who i am today because of her. She was in the Hospital recently her sugar was WAY high so they helped her get it under control. So she has been recovering from that.

Third- Austin being in preschool is so nice! He really likes it and goes in without a fuss. He goes Tues and Thursdays.

Fourth- Our Vacation got rained out it was fun until then when we came off the hill it was so scary caue we could not stop and our car was covered in mud!! It was cold a lot too so i hope to go again soon before it snows.

I will post pics of the fair later!!