Sunday, December 28, 2008

Yay i found my Camera Cord!!!! Here are Pictures!!

I hope you Enjoy the pictures
Holiday Pictures I did not get a picture alone with Santa for Josh cause he was not happy to visit him lol.
Austin and Santa

Grandpa Ralph and Josh

Austin and his new Bowling set

"Gutter BALL"

Josh and his ELMO LIVE.

I love this picture of Luke and Josh He love his Luke!


This was Austin and Josh's Favorite place to play!
You open the tube up and put a ball in and it gets sucked up the tube.

MOM help its heavy! lol


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Just wanting to Wish Everyone a



Tuesday, November 25, 2008


November has flown by way too fast!! I cannot believe this week is Thanksgiving. We have been traveling a lot this month. We have been up to my parents house and had FAMILY photos done I can't wait to see them!!! My parents have not done a family photo since i was 9 and so it was time to ours done!!!!!!

I took my boys to Discovery Gateway (thanks for the idea LACEY!).
Wow did they have fun I have Pictures but now my plug is missing so i cannot post photos. Well Josh's fav was the water and the ball thing. You open up this tube and put a ball inside and it get sucked up and around and falls into this pit that they have. He played and played with that for more than an hour. By the time he got done playing in the water he was soaked so it was time to come home. Austin liked the building thing where you put a block on and hoist it up to the next level. He also like the earthquake building thing. He would just giggle when all his work would break.

We went to the North Summit Braves game and they are now going to the State Football Finals! They beat the undefeated Juab team (35-27). It was an awesome game and and then they went to Timpview and played against undefeated Manti and Won STATE! Go Braves!
I did not get the score but i heard the Last GAME WAS Very fun!!

Well I just wanted to WISH YOU A


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Family update time!

Ok so i know Josh is 17 Months and 1 Week old but i missed his 15 month Dr. Appointment. So we had one today. He is in the 25th Percentile for Weight at 24 pounds 1 ounce. and 75th percentile for hight at 32 and 7/8 inches. He needs to go see an eyeDoctor his Dr. noticed something not right so we have been refered to the Moran center to go see an eye dr Im totally freaked out!!! I hope its nothing and the Dr did say he could be jumping the gun he just said better to catch early if something is wrong. Josh got 2 shots today the chicken pox and Flu. We decided to hold off on MMR until he is 2. Austin was also given a flu shot and we had him go first he was crawling under the table trying to put his pants back on crying it was so sad. After the shot he yelled at the nurse you hurt me you broke my HEART. It was way funny but sad too. So that was are FUN day!! NOT!

On October 10th was my Brother Brandons Birthday I know its late but Happy Birthday!!!

On to me.....
Im going to update you tommrow also cause I go back the the Dr for my psudo tumor thing. I have not been this nervouse about going until now cause i have been have terrible migranes and I called my dr and she uped my meds hoping that would work well it did so that means it was my tumor hurting me. I hope it as not grown or swelled again. We will know tommrow.

He is doing AWSOME in school!! He is learning to write his name and he can draw people now you actually can tell what it is. Its just not scribbles anymore. For those of you wondering NO he is not potty trained His teacher has even been helping me try to get him there but he refuses. We have tried no pull up for a few days and man after 3 days of no success at all i gave up. So I have no clue if you have any ideas feel free to post them i will love any info you can give me I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING.

He is just working a lot. I hardley get to see him during the week. I love the weekends cause we can go out and do stuff. Really that all thats been going on with him.

We have had Luke, Jason's Brother over a lot with Lisa!! It has been a lot of FUN getting to know her! WE really enjoy having them here!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Slacking On Updates SORRY!!

Ok i have just been SO BUSY that i have not updated.

I Need to say ...

HAPPY 1st BIRTDAY BEN on the 10th

HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY ETHAN on the 17th.

First -I watched my Nieces Jocelyn and Alexiea for a week (10th-15th). It was a Busy week. We took them to the State Fair it was a lot of fun! We were there for 6 hours and still did not see everything. The Kids were exausted by the time we were done. Jocelyns Fav thing at the fair was the white tigers. She tells everyone about them. Lexie and Austin played and played they were so good with each other. I will never forget haveing my own HORSE in my house She pretended she was a horse all day everyday It was too cute. We Loved having them here and cant wait until we can have them again!

Second- My mom stayed at my house with me to make salsa and did my house smell good!!! I love spending time together! We stay up all night and just talk. I feel so blessed that im so close to my mom she is an amazing person in my life and I am who i am today because of her. She was in the Hospital recently her sugar was WAY high so they helped her get it under control. So she has been recovering from that.

Third- Austin being in preschool is so nice! He really likes it and goes in without a fuss. He goes Tues and Thursdays.

Fourth- Our Vacation got rained out it was fun until then when we came off the hill it was so scary caue we could not stop and our car was covered in mud!! It was cold a lot too so i hope to go again soon before it snows.

I will post pics of the fair later!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Oh yes we love UPDATES! lol

Well, Jason has recieved a promotion at work he is now a Lead in his department. He got a raise and he still works the same amount of hours but at night. We are very excited about the raise the hours he works SUCKS but we are doing what we can to make it. I'm so proud of Jason and his willingness to do this for his family. We hope it will only last until he gets a better job in the future. He is planning on staying at this position for a year and then looking for a diffrent job then thats if our plans work out.

Austin is going to go to School Tuesdays and Thursdays in the am class. It really is a bummer that he won't go 5 days a week but hey at least he will be going. So on Tues and Thurs days Jason and Austin will only see each other for like an hour. Thats going to be hard.

We are planning a camping Vacation at the end of the month I am totally psyched!!!! We will leave Friday afternoon and come home Sunday Evening. We have not been camping all year long so it's ABOUT TIME to go!!! Oh and if your wondering what we are going to do with Tiger our cat HE is going with us. He is such a good cat that we can take him anywhere. WELL THATS ALL FOR NOW FOLKS

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fun on the weekends

So last weekend we went to Coalville and went to the Derby and the two Rodeo's It was a blast! Austin was so amazed with the Cowboys. Everytime a guy or girl in a cowboy hat would walk by he would say "Hiya Cowboy!" It was too funny. Josh did not care too much for the Rodeos. He Loved the Hotel we stayed in and he loved to RUN down the hall GIGGLING. We were also in the pool a lot! The first night we were in there till 1 am the kids were so Tired they went right to sleep. The next night we stayed up till 12 and then went to bed. It was a ton of fun and we got some really one on one family time. We are actually planning on going to a further place next year cause now we know the kids will do fine with the trip.

Well on Monday Josh had his first Dentist Appointment and he did very well for his first time. I was not able to get a picture cause i had to help hold his hands while the dr looked at him. No cavites YAY!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Here are the directions:
1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!
2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you.
It's actually pretty cool (and funny) to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you!!

The Pet Fest

Well, Yesterday we went to the Pest Fest in Coalville We entered Austin and Tiger And they WON Grand Champion It was so Much fun. I did not think we would get it but we did Austin loved it! Here is a pic.
As you can see he got a TON of stuff! Jocelyn Took Koda the Dog (Brandon dog) They won Grand Champion for the Dogs so it was pretty Fun that they Both won. (Pic comming)

Friday, July 25, 2008

We Love you so MUCH!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fun at the Dentist!

I wish i would have taken a camera when i took austin to the dentist. He was so GOOD!!! First we had to wait 45 min's cause they were behind so i was expecting Austin to be a handful. He just played. Then we finally go back and He has to have his pictures taken of his teeth. I was like oh boy he will not like this! He LOVED it. He sat in the chair and bit down on the disk and it would make a noise and he would giggle i was shocked lol. Then we go the the Dentist chair they put the movie "Cars" on for him and he opened his mouth and let the dr work lol. He has one very small cavity they want to cover so he has an appointment the first of August to get Laughing Gas, I WONT FORGET THE CAMERA lol to fix his teeth. I pushed Josh's DDS appointment back so i could take him by my-self cause he already fights me on brushing his teeth so i figured seeing the dentist is not going to go well so the 2nd week of Aug i take him.
Well talk to you later

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pic Crazy!

Austin sleeping With his dad's
Swinging on the swingset

Eating Cheetos

Sleeping in the car with his "Austin monkey"

Here is pictures of Josh Before he got His Tubes in his ears.

Before meds so Cute!

Playing with the tag on his foot. It drove him crazy!

Waiting for the Nurse!

After meds not wanting to sit in Wagon He wants to play!

Our New Kitty Tiger!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Joshua Update!

Ok so Josh has had an ear infection for a long time like a month. Well on Friday the 13th we took Josh to an ENT (ear, nose, and throat Doctor). It was decided to get tubes in his ears. So we got up on the 18th at 5:00 am and Drove to Primary Childrens Hospital. We get there and they give him some Loratab (sp) It made him act funny. Then they took him back to the OR and 15 mins he was done so we had to wait till he woke up he was so tired he but he barly cried. The nurses say usually babies are screaming there heads of and Josh was so quiet. So we got home about 10:30 and we slept till 2 in the afternoon oh yes it was nice!!!!! Then we had to get up to go and get Austin he was at my parents house. so we pick him up and he got sunburned poor guy! Austin and the sun dont mix at all. So not only do i have one child out of the hospital i have another in pain from a sun burn. Fun for me. But everything went very well.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Compliments to Lacey!

ok so i tried the baby thing and no im not pregnant its a joke!

Online Pregnancy Test Results
Pregnancy detected!
Congratulations, Evelyn Barrett! You're "with child". Our remote testing system has detected that you're pregnant. The Miracle Of Life has begun! To see whether your baby is a boy or a girl, click the "View My Baby" button below

It's A Boy!
Evelyn Barrett, you're going to be the proud parent of a baby boy, and just look- isn't he just so damn cute! Based on our remote test results, your beautiful baby boy will weigh about 9 lbs, 9 oz and have blonde hair and blue eyes. Truly a Wonder To Behold!

The Mailman

Uh-oh, your dalliance with the mailman is catching up with you. How are you going to explain this 'Special Delivery' to your hubby?

Thanks Lacey this made me laugh!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Long Update

Ok so this is going to be a long post just to let you know. So i will start at Josh's Birthday party On the 10th of May. Well his party started at 2pm. My mom and Dad are first to show up. Jocelyn is with them. While my dad is parking Austin and Jocelyn go off to play. We are putting up fence around our yard and we only have one more side to go and we are done. Well the fence was leaning against the wall and austin went underneath it and jocelyn went the other way well Austin pushed it on top of her ripping her skin on her leg. So we had to call 911 and send her to the hospital. It was so scary. So after 3 hours and 16 stiches later she was sent home. (aka my house). So then we have pizza, open presents, and eat cake. Then everybody goes home.

Joshua's CAKES

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Joshua Happy Birthday to You!!

Yum! Yum full mouth of cake he looks like a chipmunk!

Jocelyn After being at the Hospital Good thing for pain killers lol.

Mothers DAY!!!

On Mothers day I decided to take some pictures!

Also Josh has been very sick on Thursday Night Josh started to throw up. He would not keep anything down so we took him to the ER and they gave him some nausea meds and sent us home well they worked he stopped and he was fine. Then the poopy started. He has not stopped pooping. His butt is so raw and burned from the poo that he screams every diaper change. So i took him to the dr yesterday and they had me get some powder stuff to put into his food its supposed to help stop the pooping. They also gave him some really strong diaper cream.
hopefully he will get better soon thanks for reading

Friday, May 9, 2008


Ok i will admit it I can't find the cable to transfer the pic from the camera to the computer so.... As soon as i get the right bag with the cords in it i can put pictures up but until then NO pics sorry. I know where it is in the box i just dont know which box its in lol. Dang it i had to lose the one thing i really want grrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also lost my mouse pad and im using a white piece of paper as the mouse pad and it really dose not work that well yet another grrrrrr!!!!!! well good luck to me luv ya evelyn

Ok, YAY I found my cord to the printer so i transfered the pic threw that. It took a lot longer than having the normal cord but hey it was worth it. And i went and bought me a mouse pad cause i did not want to search right now so I'm a lot happier. so here is what you have been waiting for PICTURES YAY!!!!