Friday, November 27, 2009

October, Happy Halloween, Novemember Happy Thanksgiving

This is going to be a double post:

Well October has been a busy month. We have gone to the Zoo twice and Baby Zuri (elephant) Is way too  cute!  They also have a baby giraffe. I still don't know its name but I will get it.  My Birthday has been Great this year!  Its been a long time since I have been this happy on my Birthday.  I have really enjoyed this month I have got to spend a lot of time with my nephew's.

On to Austin well we have been talking to the District of his school.  They are wanting to move him to a Learning Center. Its the same as a regular school but it has more breaks and they will be able to work around his behavior. So thats been going on threw the whole month of October.  We have finally have came to a decision and he going to be moved I really don't want to move him because it will take so long for him to like school again. So we talked about it to family members and with  a group of people involved with Austins IEP and he is going to be moved next week.

Thanksgiving was fun we went down to Nathan and Lindseys house and had a very yummy dinner!!!!  We got to chat with family and Grandpa Jasperson was there and it was so nice to see him!  After dinner the kids got to watch a snake eat a mouse.  It was interesting. Then I even held the snake it was so soft and I actually really liked it!  Thanksgiving was so relaxing and it was fun to be with friends and family.  I am thankful for everything that I have!

Joshua has had some fun with my parent that past few weeks.  Well as we all know Josh is into EVERYTHING!!!  Well he tried to poisen my mom and dad.   Apparently he got into the COMET and spilled it all over the floor in the kitchen it was a mess the floor was lite green.  Well the mess got cleaned up and we came home the next thing i know it that i am getting a call from mom and dad saying they are sick because they found COMET in the SUGAR.  My dad drinks his coffee in the morning and he likes a lot of sugar in it.  Mom had some cereal and had some sugar.   So Josh almost killed his grandparent ugh what am i going to do with this kid.
Another one of Josh yes i did say another story.  This story is older but its a goodie and i have pictures.  Well I had put Josh down for a nap and I need to get ready to go to school so i get into the shower.  Well when i get out Austin tells me Josh it putting dog food under the door.  I was like what we dont have a dog.  So i proceed to go into the bed room and oh my goodness DOG FOOD CITY!!!! We at one time had watched a dog and kept the dog food and it somehow got stored into Joshua's cloths closet.  well all I can say it that I am thankful for a shot vac.  I could only upload a few pics my comp is acting funny.