Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Long Update

Ok so this is going to be a long post just to let you know. So i will start at Josh's Birthday party On the 10th of May. Well his party started at 2pm. My mom and Dad are first to show up. Jocelyn is with them. While my dad is parking Austin and Jocelyn go off to play. We are putting up fence around our yard and we only have one more side to go and we are done. Well the fence was leaning against the wall and austin went underneath it and jocelyn went the other way well Austin pushed it on top of her ripping her skin on her leg. So we had to call 911 and send her to the hospital. It was so scary. So after 3 hours and 16 stiches later she was sent home. (aka my house). So then we have pizza, open presents, and eat cake. Then everybody goes home.

Joshua's CAKES

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Joshua Happy Birthday to You!!

Yum! Yum full mouth of cake he looks like a chipmunk!

Jocelyn After being at the Hospital Good thing for pain killers lol.

Mothers DAY!!!

On Mothers day I decided to take some pictures!

Also Josh has been very sick on Thursday Night Josh started to throw up. He would not keep anything down so we took him to the ER and they gave him some nausea meds and sent us home well they worked he stopped and he was fine. Then the poopy started. He has not stopped pooping. His butt is so raw and burned from the poo that he screams every diaper change. So i took him to the dr yesterday and they had me get some powder stuff to put into his food its supposed to help stop the pooping. They also gave him some really strong diaper cream.
hopefully he will get better soon thanks for reading

Friday, May 9, 2008


Ok i will admit it I can't find the cable to transfer the pic from the camera to the computer so.... As soon as i get the right bag with the cords in it i can put pictures up but until then NO pics sorry. I know where it is in the box i just dont know which box its in lol. Dang it i had to lose the one thing i really want grrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also lost my mouse pad and im using a white piece of paper as the mouse pad and it really dose not work that well yet another grrrrrr!!!!!! well good luck to me luv ya evelyn

Ok, YAY I found my cord to the printer so i transfered the pic threw that. It took a lot longer than having the normal cord but hey it was worth it. And i went and bought me a mouse pad cause i did not want to search right now so I'm a lot happier. so here is what you have been waiting for PICTURES YAY!!!!


Thursday, May 8, 2008


WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH! AND NOW YOUR ONE WHAT A BIG BOY!!! We are having a Big party on Sat with the Burke Family and thats when he gets his cake. I will post them too.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Hello AGAIN!

Ok, I know its been awhile. But I'm Back yay! We Moved to our new home and We LOVE It! Its so quiet and we have a lot of room to move other than a ton of boxes are still in the way lol. The best part is Austin and Josh have a yard to play in now! The sad part is Austin is out of school cause by the time we moved they only had 3 weeks of school left so they did not want to enroll Austin. But he is ready for August. I still need to double check the date on the school starting. Moving was a pain in the butt and we only had one casualty Curt when he was picking up the truck to help us move fell and broke 3 ribs and he is down and out. So get well wishes for him cause he is the BEST!! We had a great turn out for people to come help us. We did not think we were going to get help and we had to do it by ourselfs but A GREAT BIG thank you for all those that helped we appreciate it so much! I will be posting more but for right now i have to go pictures later.