Friday, October 2, 2009


So its tough to keep everything updated.  I have decided to make an update once a month from now on. So This update is for September 2009.

In September we had some fun going to the Zoo.  We went before Zuri the baby elephant was on for public view.  Thats ok though we were treated with lots of other baby animals. We decided to go on a holiday of course big mistake because everyone else decided that was a good day to go for them too.  We had to park in the park north of the Zoo.  It was so busy.  When we got in we rented their double stroller which was so nice i love how the kids can just jump in and out.  After seeing some animals the kids had a ride on the Merry  go round.  Josh was not a fan he is very timid about rides. Austin however love it!  We then ate lunch Austins favorite hot dogs.  That was pretty much are day because the train ride was closed. 



October is going to be filled with stuff so be sure to come back at the end of Oct to see all the fun!!!