Friday, July 10, 2009


I did it! I made the Deans list at Stevens Henager College. I have really enjoyed going to school. I have made a lot of new friends at school. It has been a very new experience. My GPA is now sitting at 3.87 WOOT! I have never earned such good grades in my life. I hopefully will be able to keep this going and be able to graduate Oct 2010.

Austin and Josh are full of it as usual. They keep me busy!!! While I am at school they get to go see either Grandma and Grandpa Barrett or Grandma and Grandpa Burke. They love seeing them and really enjoy the time. Wow this year I get to go School shopping for Austin. Scary thought. Joshua is really talking now and testing me. If he gets something and you want it back he will run from you giggling but he knows if he dose this its a time-out. He still dose it though.


The 4th of July the kids and I went to Sugar House Park to see the Fireworks and it was a Blast!!
We had a lot of friends there which made it more fun! There was Jeff, Brittanie, Jocelyn, Lexie, Me, Austin, Joshua, Traci, Kyle, Carlos, Shelby, Jake, Jackie, Kyle, Sara. We had a pinic and had marshmellow fights, played frisebee, soccer, went for walks and enjoyed each others company. Afterward we went to eat at Dennys and then went home.

Its been a pretty good couple of months and I have enjoyed the time with my kids, family and friends.