Saturday, April 2, 2011

Progress so far...

Ok so the weather is being difficult so I have not been able to walk but I have joined a water aerobics class I love it!  Its every Tuesday and Thursday at 8pm.  My instructor is amazing and really pushes you to do your best!! It took me awhile to find a place that was affordable and someone that I really liked.  I started last week on Tuesday and have really enjoyed it so far.  I can also feel that my muscles are being worked I have not felt this good in so long.  I just had to update you on that I do plan on still walking my laps on mon, wed and fridays.
now that I have a routine set in place i need to work on my eating habits. I am so far very happy with what i have set in place so far now its down to pushing my self to do it.

Austin and Josh are doing great in school! Austin is getting very good grades I am so proud of him he tries so hard and he is very very good at math.  His reading is doing lots better and he will even try to read to me when ever and where ever he can.  Josh is still struggling with colors we had his eyes checked for color blindness but he is not color blind we have no clue why he wont get his colors down.  He can count like crazy he will count everything and he also knows his ABC's really well.  so I guess one hiccup is not bad.  I have bought him some books about colors and we talk about colors all the time so hopefully he will just get it one day.

thats all for now