Sunday, December 6, 2009


Austin's Tooth has Finally Fell out!!!!!! YAY!  He was so excited that the tooth fairy will finally come to him.  He came running out of his room holding the tooth smiling from ear to ear.  I am so proud of him I really thought he would freak out but he didnt! So I love you Austin your growing up way too fast! CLICK ON THE PICTURE TO MAKE IT LARGER!


Thanks to Misty my Cousin I finally figured out how to Collages!  Here are my first two!  It makes it a lot easier to post pictures!!!!

Josh in his red pajamas being silly

Austin loving the cats and his toys so fun!

THANKS Click on them to make them larger!

Friday, November 27, 2009

October, Happy Halloween, Novemember Happy Thanksgiving

This is going to be a double post:

Well October has been a busy month. We have gone to the Zoo twice and Baby Zuri (elephant) Is way too  cute!  They also have a baby giraffe. I still don't know its name but I will get it.  My Birthday has been Great this year!  Its been a long time since I have been this happy on my Birthday.  I have really enjoyed this month I have got to spend a lot of time with my nephew's.

On to Austin well we have been talking to the District of his school.  They are wanting to move him to a Learning Center. Its the same as a regular school but it has more breaks and they will be able to work around his behavior. So thats been going on threw the whole month of October.  We have finally have came to a decision and he going to be moved I really don't want to move him because it will take so long for him to like school again. So we talked about it to family members and with  a group of people involved with Austins IEP and he is going to be moved next week.

Thanksgiving was fun we went down to Nathan and Lindseys house and had a very yummy dinner!!!!  We got to chat with family and Grandpa Jasperson was there and it was so nice to see him!  After dinner the kids got to watch a snake eat a mouse.  It was interesting. Then I even held the snake it was so soft and I actually really liked it!  Thanksgiving was so relaxing and it was fun to be with friends and family.  I am thankful for everything that I have!

Joshua has had some fun with my parent that past few weeks.  Well as we all know Josh is into EVERYTHING!!!  Well he tried to poisen my mom and dad.   Apparently he got into the COMET and spilled it all over the floor in the kitchen it was a mess the floor was lite green.  Well the mess got cleaned up and we came home the next thing i know it that i am getting a call from mom and dad saying they are sick because they found COMET in the SUGAR.  My dad drinks his coffee in the morning and he likes a lot of sugar in it.  Mom had some cereal and had some sugar.   So Josh almost killed his grandparent ugh what am i going to do with this kid.
Another one of Josh yes i did say another story.  This story is older but its a goodie and i have pictures.  Well I had put Josh down for a nap and I need to get ready to go to school so i get into the shower.  Well when i get out Austin tells me Josh it putting dog food under the door.  I was like what we dont have a dog.  So i proceed to go into the bed room and oh my goodness DOG FOOD CITY!!!! We at one time had watched a dog and kept the dog food and it somehow got stored into Joshua's cloths closet.  well all I can say it that I am thankful for a shot vac.  I could only upload a few pics my comp is acting funny.

Friday, October 2, 2009


So its tough to keep everything updated.  I have decided to make an update once a month from now on. So This update is for September 2009.

In September we had some fun going to the Zoo.  We went before Zuri the baby elephant was on for public view.  Thats ok though we were treated with lots of other baby animals. We decided to go on a holiday of course big mistake because everyone else decided that was a good day to go for them too.  We had to park in the park north of the Zoo.  It was so busy.  When we got in we rented their double stroller which was so nice i love how the kids can just jump in and out.  After seeing some animals the kids had a ride on the Merry  go round.  Josh was not a fan he is very timid about rides. Austin however love it!  We then ate lunch Austins favorite hot dogs.  That was pretty much are day because the train ride was closed. 



October is going to be filled with stuff so be sure to come back at the end of Oct to see all the fun!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

life keeps going...

Not a whole lot going on in my world Austin started kindergarten and he keeps running away from the teachers. He tells them he is looking for me. So now he has an aid that stays with him at all times so they don't lose him. Its been very stressful for me cause I worry about losing him. I am very proud of the steps he is taking even if they are small he is doing awesome he is the best!

Joshua is doing better walking he still turns his foot outward so I will give it a bit longer before i call the dr to see if it will turn back on its own. We are doing really good on potty training he is going on the big potty. He is testing me very much and trying to see how much he can get away with. So lots of time outs and talks right now.

I see my cousins wife Misty doing this for her kids and I loved the idea thank you!

Austin 5 years old
Favorite thing to say: Can I have a snack?
Favorite breakfast food: Oatmeal or Pop Tarts
Favorite book: Wall-e
FAVE thing to do outside: Play in the sandbox
Favorite thing to do inside: Play with cars and bowling set
Favorite color: Green
Favorite person to play with: Uncle Jeff and Grandma Shirley (Jasons mom)
Favorite movie: Frosty the Snowman UGH ALL SUMMER LONG
Least favorite thing to do: Clean room

Joshua 2 years old
Favorite thing to say: Grandpa (pampaaa), Drink
Favorite breakfast food: Fruit Loops
Favorite book: Can Nemo win the Race?
FAVE thing to do outside: Play in the sandbox
Favorite thing to do inside: Play with cars
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite person to play with: Grandpa Ralph
Favorite movie: Nemo and Seame Street
Least favorite thing to do: eat with utensils

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Trainees can be very annoying......

Today, We went to the Doctor and removed Josh's green cast YAY!!!! I was so excited about this! While it was being removed a ton of SAND fell out of the cast... All I could think was oh no that cannot be good. Well as the NEW DR. was SLOWLY taking off his cast Josh was very good at first only fussed a bit no crying but was really nervous about the loud vibrating thing cutting into his cast. Well it took the Dr. 10-15mins to remove this small thing. That was because he was in training I found out later. Well lets just say Josh was not happy about that at all by the time the Dr was done and his normal Dr came in Josh was SCREAMING at the top of his lungs. This stupid guy would turn on the saw and then cut a little and turn it off every 10 secs cause he was worried about josh crying. GRRRRR.... GET THE DUMB THING OFF FAST AND HE WILL BE HAPPY!! Anyways that my rant. Well the sand was still falling out and then i see redness on Josh's ankle and the fabric stuff was sticking to his leg. When it was taken off he had a sore on his poor leg but the Doctor said it should heal fast!! Yay for that. So bye bye green cast i did not get pics of the cutting because of the time it took the Dr to saw the thing off so thats a bummer.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Austins Birtday Fun!

Sorry this is so late....

Well, Austin had his 5th Birthday on July 25. We had everything ready to go. Well we get over to fire house park and we were there for about an hour and all the sudden I hear Josh screaming! I look over and he is on the ground when 2 secs before he was on top of the playground. Colton a very good friend of mine was helping josh and went ot grab him and missed and josh fell to the ground. So Josh was OUT OF IT. He was not acting himself and his leg was shaking so I decided to take him to the ER. He would not walk so they did an x-ray of his hip and leg and he fractured his tibia fibia bone. So they put a splint on him and send us on our way. We go back down to the party and its DARK now but we cut the cake and open presents and Austin had a ball so i am very happy about that! He got a batman lair and when he opened it he goes WOW thats TOTALLY AWSOME! way too cute!

I cannot belive Austin is now 5 years old! He stats Kindergarten on the 24th of August I cannot wait I am so excited for him to go! I was trying to get josh in a preschool but i have decided to wait one more year on him.

Thats all for now

Friday, July 10, 2009


I did it! I made the Deans list at Stevens Henager College. I have really enjoyed going to school. I have made a lot of new friends at school. It has been a very new experience. My GPA is now sitting at 3.87 WOOT! I have never earned such good grades in my life. I hopefully will be able to keep this going and be able to graduate Oct 2010.

Austin and Josh are full of it as usual. They keep me busy!!! While I am at school they get to go see either Grandma and Grandpa Barrett or Grandma and Grandpa Burke. They love seeing them and really enjoy the time. Wow this year I get to go School shopping for Austin. Scary thought. Joshua is really talking now and testing me. If he gets something and you want it back he will run from you giggling but he knows if he dose this its a time-out. He still dose it though.


The 4th of July the kids and I went to Sugar House Park to see the Fireworks and it was a Blast!!
We had a lot of friends there which made it more fun! There was Jeff, Brittanie, Jocelyn, Lexie, Me, Austin, Joshua, Traci, Kyle, Carlos, Shelby, Jake, Jackie, Kyle, Sara. We had a pinic and had marshmellow fights, played frisebee, soccer, went for walks and enjoyed each others company. Afterward we went to eat at Dennys and then went home.

Its been a pretty good couple of months and I have enjoyed the time with my kids, family and friends.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Milford Car Show!

This last weekend I went to Milford all by my-self. It was a ton of fun and I enjoyed the "me" time. I helped as much as I could. In return they fed me and gave me a room to sleep in. I think that was a pretty good deal!! I have a ton of pictures but it would take forever to go threw them all. So I will only post my fav pictures. While I was down there I did miss my kids a whole lot but it was a very much needed break. I have now made some new friends that i consider to be very close to me!! I would go again in a heart beat!!! Ok enough babbling here are the pics.

this is Beckys car and she let me have a ride in it!!! I wanted to drive it sooo bad but its her baby!!! It totally was one of the best looking cars there :)

Me Enjoying some sun on a rock lol

This is one of my Fav cars it was the oldest there and the guy would crank it to start it and show us how it worked very neat!!

Me and Traci She is the one who invited me down and it was the BEST TIME THANKS TRACI!!

If you want to see more pictures of the cars they are on my facebook!! They are going to be uploaded onto a website once i get the pics to the right person lol. So when i get that site i will post it here!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Hi i figured out i can mobile text from my phone kool!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Crazy DAYZ!

This month has been really stressful! First of all i had finals and that was really hard to do this last month. I did get it done and I stressed about my grades like I always do! Well I pulled off another A!!! Hooray for me! So that pulled my GPA back up to 3.85, YES! Lets see if If I can do it again.The fun part about going to School now is I get to wear scrubs everyday to school. I LOVE IT.

Josh has decided to start potty training on his own now. He went pee in the potty a few times already and he POOPED once too. YAY JOSH! He is talking a lot more now and it is so fun to be able to communicate with him more! I also love how Austin and Josh never forget about each other they make sure to take care of one another.

Austin is doing great he can now write his name which is so fun to see. His last day of Preschool is May 19, 2009. So we are excited for that and also very sad because MY BABY IS GROWING UP!

We have had the pleasure of having NEMO come and visit us! He is a toy fish that has been doing a lot of traveling around the country and to Canada. We get him for three days and then we send him off to a new destination. The kids love him and we have been taking a lot of fun pictures I will post them on Monday cause thats when he has to leave :(

More pictures to come!

We have also been spending a lot of time in Coalville. Grandpa and Grandma Burke are enjoying the time with the kids a lot! My dad tells me now that he needs to go to work to get a vacation from the boys cause they wear him out. LOL! I guess construction is a lot easier than to watch my boys ha ha.

We also attended Luke and Lisa Barretts Wedding last weekend and It was a really nice ceremony. The food was GREAT! and The decorations were beautiful. The boys looked so grown up in their tux's.
Thanks for reading!

Monday, April 13, 2009


Easter this year was a lot of fun!!! Josh was able to participate a lot more this year and he had a blast! Austin loved dying eggs this year. Saturday we drove up to Coalville and had Easter fun with my parents. Ethan, Jocelyn, Lexie, Austin, Josh and Ben.

Then on Sunday we went to Jason's parents and celebrated Easter with them. The kids Had a lot of fun. Isaac, Julia, Ian, Owen, Austin and Josh were there.

It was a very fun easter and we enjoyed spending time with Both familys!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Grades and Study Group!

Well I have recieved my grade back from English_223. Its a B+, which put my GPA at 3.79. Its a good grade and all but the teacher did not guide us I asked him questions specifically and he said we would do fine but when I recieved my grade I asked him what I did or not do to get a b+ he said i did not do what he was looking for. I wanted to yell at him and say I ASKED YOU WHAT YOU WERE LOOKING FOR AND YOU SAID WE WOULD DO JUST FINE BY JUST TELLING THE STORIES. Thats what I did I told my storys like I was told with no guidence and he gives me a b grrrrrr. Anyways I am going to work harder and bring my gpa back up hopefully! Other than that I am loving school!!!!
Last night I had a study group at 7pm with some friends at school. It was a lot of fun and I got a lot of work done. It was so much fun to get out and just relax and be with friends. Here are some pictures.


Wendy and Haley



Me and Haley

Well the kids are doing great! Austin is enjoying the nice weather and learning to ride his big bike. Josh is my little Joy! He is now getting an attitude about everything. He is also able to tell us what he wants and dont want now which makes life easier.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


My Friend Wendy was Raped and she wants everyone to hear her story! Please comment on her board so it gets noticed! Thank you!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Ok so lately i have been having these problems

1) I am addicted to Facebook lol.
I cannot go a day without checking to see anything new. I love seeing what is happening and how my friends lives are going.

2) Fallout on the xbox 360. I have never been so addicted to a game its terrible!!! I never get anything done!

So I have put a limit on my-self so I can get needed stuff done in my day.

Anyways here are a few thing that have been on my mind lately.

My Baby Boy Austin is growing up!!! I have been filling out his Kindergarten papers. Preschool was one thing. He has been in preschool for 3 years. But now here come the big step. I am so proud of his accomplishments. He will be entering a Normal Class room YAY! He will have a tutor but thats it! I am so happy about that!

Josh well nothing new with him other than he keeps me on my toes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He just is a busy kid.

School is going GREAT!! So far I am getting a 4.0 gpa! This is a shocker I have never been able to pull that off. So far is been an awsome new experience and I am making a lot of new friends! Well thats all for now

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Ok, I know im slow on the update about my Dr. appt. But it was not great news anyways. Its is still a stage one which is good! That also means its not getting smaller grrrr. The Dr. gave me the same spill about losing weight blah blah blah...... So I go back in 4 months not 6 cause she did a medication change and wants to know how it looks between that time.

Well that was it for a 4 Hour doctor appointment ugh.
If any of you forgot what kind of tumor I have have here you go.

Signs and Symptoms Pseudotumor cerebri (PTC) is encountered most frequently in young, overweight women between the ages of 20 and 45. Headache is the most common presenting complaint, occurring in more than 90 percent of cases. Dizziness, nausea, and vomiting may also be encountered, but typically there are no alterations of consciousness or higher cognitive function. Tinnitus, or a "rushing" sound in the ears, is another frequent complaint. Visual symptoms are present in up to 70 percent of all patients with PTC, and include transient visual obscurations, general blurriness, and intermittent horizontal diplopia. These symptoms tend to worsen in association with Valsalva maneuvers and changes in posture. Reports of ocular pain, particularly with extreme eye movements, have also been noted.

If you want to know more go here -------->

Wednesday, February 18, 2009



Tuesday, February 17, 2009

You know the DRILL

Well I thought it is time to update whats been going in the life of the Barrett's.


Austin is doing awsome in school. They went on a tour last Thursday to Dicks Market and they gave him a bakery hat he just loves! He also told me that the "The freezer is cold and made me shiver" He is so funny now days! He is also doing very well at accomplishing his goals in his program that he is in. I am so proud of him!

Josh is such a happy kid he always has a smile on his face. But boy he can get into things lately!!!!! He is also a cuddler. I have started potty training him already im not pushing him but when Austin goes potty he is so interested in what he is doing so we put Josh on the little potty. He has not done anything yet but he thinks he is such a big boy when he is on the potty.


See what i mean what a STINKER!


I have a Dr. appt on Thursday for my tumor so i will give a small update that night on whats going on. I have been feeling really good the only problem i think i will have with them is i have gained weight so there going to be on my case about that.

This is PROOF that im a GEEK!!!
Thought I would share for a laugh

This was Superbowl night Lexie, Austin and Josh were sharing so good!

This is what Jason gave me for Valentines day

The boys gave me the panda Bear!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Utah Draper Temple

On the 4Th of Feb, Jason and I were asked by Nathan and Lindsey if we wanted to go to the Open House at the Draper Temple with them. So we did, It was so beautiful!!!! The feeling there was so comforting. I'm So happy that i was able to go and see the inside! I will never forget it! One of my favorite rooms was one of the Ordinance room because it had a mural painting like they took the pic out of my head and put it up on the wall. Afterwards they gave a us cookies and water. I just had to share how much fun i had!

On it gives permission to copy this photo.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Behind on Posts!

Well some good new has came up. First, I am going back to School. Stevens Henager College is going to be the school. I'm going into Medical Specialties. It will take me about 20 months to complete for my Associate's. I decided to do this because I want to accomplish something in my life and to be able to tell my kids yes i did go to college and i finnished would be a big thing to me.
I start on the 20th and i cannot wait!!!

Then Austin has finally done it!!!! HORRAY he is POTTY TRAINED!!!! He just decided to finally go. I am so SO SO happy! The funny thing is, when he has to go he will go yelling down the hallway NO NO NO! cause he is trying to hold it. I hope he learns not to wait till the last sec to go soon lol.

Josh oh what can i say about him lets see he is a little stinker!!! He has started this thing where he dose not like to wear cloths to bed. So by morning he is completely naked grrr. So now i have to do nightly checks to see if he has taken his cloths off. I hope this ends soon. So the only pj's i can put on him is zipper up jamies that have the button thing on top he still has a hard time getting them off.