Thursday, October 25, 2007


So we have been pretty busy lately! We went to a Halloween party and i gave my moms camera back before unloading it yes i know dumb me lol. Anyways, It was too fun we changed austin costume to Woody off of toy story it was so much easier to do that than make my own and Cheeper. Austin has also started preschool. He is doing ok the first day he cryied when i left him and they have a 2 way mirror where you can watch them interact with other children and he snuck out of the room would fold his arm and put his head in his lap. Now he seems to like school. Im so glad he gets to go.

Josh has a TOOTH. Its on the bottom and i think he is getting another right beside it. Well kids woke up from nap will write more later

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Walkers said...

I'm jealous Josh has a tooth! Brooklynn has shown signs of teeth, but nothing has come through. I'm happy Austin is in preschool. Mia is too and she loves it! It's so great for them to learn away from home.