Monday, May 5, 2008

Hello AGAIN!

Ok, I know its been awhile. But I'm Back yay! We Moved to our new home and We LOVE It! Its so quiet and we have a lot of room to move other than a ton of boxes are still in the way lol. The best part is Austin and Josh have a yard to play in now! The sad part is Austin is out of school cause by the time we moved they only had 3 weeks of school left so they did not want to enroll Austin. But he is ready for August. I still need to double check the date on the school starting. Moving was a pain in the butt and we only had one casualty Curt when he was picking up the truck to help us move fell and broke 3 ribs and he is down and out. So get well wishes for him cause he is the BEST!! We had a great turn out for people to come help us. We did not think we were going to get help and we had to do it by ourselfs but A GREAT BIG thank you for all those that helped we appreciate it so much! I will be posting more but for right now i have to go pictures later.

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Emily Walker said...

Congrats on the house. Can't wait for pictures!!!