Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Compliments to Lacey!

ok so i tried the baby thing and no im not pregnant its a joke!

Online Pregnancy Test Results
Pregnancy detected!
Congratulations, Evelyn Barrett! You're "with child". Our remote testing system has detected that you're pregnant. The Miracle Of Life has begun! To see whether your baby is a boy or a girl, click the "View My Baby" button below

It's A Boy!
Evelyn Barrett, you're going to be the proud parent of a baby boy, and just look- isn't he just so damn cute! Based on our remote test results, your beautiful baby boy will weigh about 9 lbs, 9 oz and have blonde hair and blue eyes. Truly a Wonder To Behold!

The Mailman

Uh-oh, your dalliance with the mailman is catching up with you. How are you going to explain this 'Special Delivery' to your hubby?

Thanks Lacey this made me laugh!!!

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