Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fun at the Dentist!

I wish i would have taken a camera when i took austin to the dentist. He was so GOOD!!! First we had to wait 45 min's cause they were behind so i was expecting Austin to be a handful. He just played. Then we finally go back and He has to have his pictures taken of his teeth. I was like oh boy he will not like this! He LOVED it. He sat in the chair and bit down on the disk and it would make a noise and he would giggle i was shocked lol. Then we go the the Dentist chair they put the movie "Cars" on for him and he opened his mouth and let the dr work lol. He has one very small cavity they want to cover so he has an appointment the first of August to get Laughing Gas, I WONT FORGET THE CAMERA lol to fix his teeth. I pushed Josh's DDS appointment back so i could take him by my-self cause he already fights me on brushing his teeth so i figured seeing the dentist is not going to go well so the 2nd week of Aug i take him.
Well talk to you later

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