Tuesday, November 25, 2008


November has flown by way too fast!! I cannot believe this week is Thanksgiving. We have been traveling a lot this month. We have been up to my parents house and had FAMILY photos done I can't wait to see them!!! My parents have not done a family photo since i was 9 and so it was time to ours done!!!!!!

I took my boys to Discovery Gateway (thanks for the idea LACEY!).
Wow did they have fun I have Pictures but now my plug is missing so i cannot post photos. Well Josh's fav was the water and the ball thing. You open up this tube and put a ball inside and it get sucked up and around and falls into this pit that they have. He played and played with that for more than an hour. By the time he got done playing in the water he was soaked so it was time to come home. Austin liked the building thing where you put a block on and hoist it up to the next level. He also like the earthquake building thing. He would just giggle when all his work would break.

We went to the North Summit Braves game and they are now going to the State Football Finals! They beat the undefeated Juab team (35-27). It was an awesome game and and then they went to Timpview and played against undefeated Manti and Won STATE! Go Braves!
I did not get the score but i heard the Last GAME WAS Very fun!!

Well I just wanted to WISH YOU A


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