Friday, January 9, 2009

Behind on Posts!

Well some good new has came up. First, I am going back to School. Stevens Henager College is going to be the school. I'm going into Medical Specialties. It will take me about 20 months to complete for my Associate's. I decided to do this because I want to accomplish something in my life and to be able to tell my kids yes i did go to college and i finnished would be a big thing to me.
I start on the 20th and i cannot wait!!!

Then Austin has finally done it!!!! HORRAY he is POTTY TRAINED!!!! He just decided to finally go. I am so SO SO happy! The funny thing is, when he has to go he will go yelling down the hallway NO NO NO! cause he is trying to hold it. I hope he learns not to wait till the last sec to go soon lol.

Josh oh what can i say about him lets see he is a little stinker!!! He has started this thing where he dose not like to wear cloths to bed. So by morning he is completely naked grrr. So now i have to do nightly checks to see if he has taken his cloths off. I hope this ends soon. So the only pj's i can put on him is zipper up jamies that have the button thing on top he still has a hard time getting them off.


Jeanine said...

Congrats on school! My boy wont keep his clothes on either! silly boy! I am constantly worried he is cold. Big Congrats on the potty training, that is always a big step.

Emily Walker said...

haha Poor Austin... and Josh. Gotta love boys! Congrats on going to school. That will be fun for you. Good luck!!