Tuesday, February 17, 2009

You know the DRILL

Well I thought it is time to update whats been going in the life of the Barrett's.


Austin is doing awsome in school. They went on a tour last Thursday to Dicks Market and they gave him a bakery hat he just loves! He also told me that the "The freezer is cold and made me shiver" He is so funny now days! He is also doing very well at accomplishing his goals in his program that he is in. I am so proud of him!

Josh is such a happy kid he always has a smile on his face. But boy he can get into things lately!!!!! He is also a cuddler. I have started potty training him already im not pushing him but when Austin goes potty he is so interested in what he is doing so we put Josh on the little potty. He has not done anything yet but he thinks he is such a big boy when he is on the potty.


See what i mean what a STINKER!


I have a Dr. appt on Thursday for my tumor so i will give a small update that night on whats going on. I have been feeling really good the only problem i think i will have with them is i have gained weight so there going to be on my case about that.

This is PROOF that im a GEEK!!!
Thought I would share for a laugh

This was Superbowl night Lexie, Austin and Josh were sharing so good!

This is what Jason gave me for Valentines day

The boys gave me the panda Bear!

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