Thursday, June 18, 2009

Milford Car Show!

This last weekend I went to Milford all by my-self. It was a ton of fun and I enjoyed the "me" time. I helped as much as I could. In return they fed me and gave me a room to sleep in. I think that was a pretty good deal!! I have a ton of pictures but it would take forever to go threw them all. So I will only post my fav pictures. While I was down there I did miss my kids a whole lot but it was a very much needed break. I have now made some new friends that i consider to be very close to me!! I would go again in a heart beat!!! Ok enough babbling here are the pics.

this is Beckys car and she let me have a ride in it!!! I wanted to drive it sooo bad but its her baby!!! It totally was one of the best looking cars there :)

Me Enjoying some sun on a rock lol

This is one of my Fav cars it was the oldest there and the guy would crank it to start it and show us how it worked very neat!!

Me and Traci She is the one who invited me down and it was the BEST TIME THANKS TRACI!!

If you want to see more pictures of the cars they are on my facebook!! They are going to be uploaded onto a website once i get the pics to the right person lol. So when i get that site i will post it here!!!

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