Friday, August 7, 2009

Austins Birtday Fun!

Sorry this is so late....

Well, Austin had his 5th Birthday on July 25. We had everything ready to go. Well we get over to fire house park and we were there for about an hour and all the sudden I hear Josh screaming! I look over and he is on the ground when 2 secs before he was on top of the playground. Colton a very good friend of mine was helping josh and went ot grab him and missed and josh fell to the ground. So Josh was OUT OF IT. He was not acting himself and his leg was shaking so I decided to take him to the ER. He would not walk so they did an x-ray of his hip and leg and he fractured his tibia fibia bone. So they put a splint on him and send us on our way. We go back down to the party and its DARK now but we cut the cake and open presents and Austin had a ball so i am very happy about that! He got a batman lair and when he opened it he goes WOW thats TOTALLY AWSOME! way too cute!

I cannot belive Austin is now 5 years old! He stats Kindergarten on the 24th of August I cannot wait I am so excited for him to go! I was trying to get josh in a preschool but i have decided to wait one more year on him.

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