Thursday, April 29, 2010

Horrible at updates but here is one NOW!

We have been a pretty busy bunch the last few weeks.  Jason has taken the boys fishing a lot when its warm that is. The kids really enjoy going out with their dad.  Jason did have a Birthday on the 23rd of April the kids enjoyed spending time with grandma and grandpa Barrett, while we went to the Tuscany.  Is a very yummy restaurant to celebrate. Austin has been attending North Summit up in Coalville.  He is enjoying that but we cannot wait to have the summer here we have 2 more weeks and he is done with his Kindergarten year.  WOW time sure dose fly by.  My parents have been a huge help at taking care of Austin while he has been up there the school has been the best change for Austin.
Josh has been going to therapy for speech and behavior.  He is doing very well with that and I am so proud of his progress.  Josh has Surgery on the 24 of March he had his Tonsil, Adenoids and new tubes put in his ears.  He was a very sick little boy there for awhile but the change in him is so good that it was well worth the few weeks of pain.
I made it on the Who's Who list at school which means I am in the top 10% of my class. I did not think i would do that good I am very surprised that I made it onto this list. I am so glad to be almost done with my classes I have had so much fun meeting new friends and learning new things but I am ready to not be in school for awhile. I do plan on going back again to get my Bachelors degree but that wont be until Josh is in school. I know there is more but I cannot think of anything else at the moment so LATERS


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