Saturday, September 18, 2010

School Updates!

Wow time flys by when you are busy that is for sure!  I have now finished school! Yay me it took me from January 2009 to August 31, 2010 to do it all.  I still however have to take my Medical Assistant test to become a full Medical Assistant.  I do that on my own time though.  I am happy to be done with school and happy to be home with my kids again but I do miss being out of the house and the social aspect of school. I will officially walk in May with all of my fellow graduates.  Its funny that I have to wait so long to actually get to wear my cap and gown.  So right now I am looking for a job that will work me during the time the kids are in school so I can be home with them at night.

Speaking of the kids Austin is doing GREAT in school I am so proud of his progress this year! Compared to last year it is easier to get him up and he no longer cry's at school he used to do that all the time and now he goes without tears good job Austin! He dose says that "why do i have to do to school," and "I went to school yesterday I don't need to go again"  He makes me laugh and I look forward to getting him off the bus when he comes home cause he is so excited to tell me about his day.

Josh has started preschool and is doing ok so far it is an adjustment. He likes to do the puzzles at school and singing time is his favorite.  They are also helping me potty train him so that helps a lot we are very close to getting him there he runs to the potty on his own but it has to be his idea if you suggest it he gets mad and cry's and dose not want to go. If you have any ideas let me know we are doing the sticker chart and tickets for going potty which he gets a prize when he gets so many. He still refused to do #2 on the potty though. UGH.

We went to the Zoo yesterday for my nephews Ethan and Benjamin's Birthday.   All I have to say is wow they have sent a lot of animals away for the construction of the new bear facility.  I love the zoo and it has aways been fun I can't wait for the animals to come back and for them to be finished cause it will be so neat to see everything back again. The Kids had a great time celebrating with there cousins.  We also went to build a bear and they got new bears Austin named his Trusty and Josh named his Buzz puppy.
Pictures are going to be on later cause i still have to upload them.

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