Monday, April 23, 2007

Happy Birthday!!

We Love You So Much!

Today is Jason's Birthday! We going to go out on the 27th to celebrate. I can't tell you yet what we are doing cause it is a surprise for him. He is so spoiled! So far for his birthday he has gotten a whole new outfit. He got new shoes, 3 shirts, a pair of pants, and a nice watch. Although most of it was for his new job so it was needed lol. We went fishing the other day and Jason has fun it was really windy but here is a pic.

Last night was Fun we went to my Great, Great Grandmother Virgina's 100th Birthday. I seen people i had not seen since i was 5 years old. Of course they all knew me but i had no clue to who they were lol. We went and ate at Little America it was fun. Then we went out to my Grandpas house and let the kids run wild. Austin was being so good he was not screaming or crying or yelling until this 13 year old had to start playing with him and you know Austin once you get him going your not stopping him. So my son was being very roudy because of this kid. I did get my 5 generation picture though I will post it when i get it printed.

As for me GET THIS BABY OUT OF ME lol! No he still needs about a week and a half to bake. I'm just getting tired of not being able to breath and sleep. Or be comfy for that matter.


Lacey said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Jason! We love you and are soooo proud of you!!