Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Josh's Blessing

Well, The blessing was really nice. We had a lot of family and friends come. Jason gave the blessing and he did a very good job i was proud of him. After the blessing Grandpa Barrett gave his testimony which i was so happy to hear! It just made my day even better. So after church we went to the Outpost to eat. Well that was interesting! I had never been there before and the girls that were our waitress's had these short short's on that barley covered them which shocked me a little but the food was ok. I was a little upset about the salad, they did not tell me they chose the dressing for you. (I only talked to them on the phone) I like RANCH people! Anyways it was an ok lunch. I just enjoyed the family the most. I'm glad its over too. I'm not very good at planning parties or get togthers so i was stressing out about it. Thanks to all who came and thanks for supporting Joshua.

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