Saturday, June 9, 2007

One Month Old

Ok time needs to stop flying by!! Joshua turned one month old on the 8th of June, WOW! We took him to the dr cause he is still really stuffed up. He has been this way since he was born and he has a hard time breathing at night which scares me. So he is fine just as long as i suction his nose out before feeding and before he goes to sleep. He weighs 9 pounds and 13 ounces now Man he is a chunk! Austin loves him so much he wants to hold him all the time and he makes sure everyone knows where Josh is at when we walk into a room. Austin still has his jelouse moments but is doing a whole lot better. Yesterday the 11 Lindsey, Isaac, Julia, Ian, Austin, Joshua and I, Went to the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point and the kids had a blast so did I. I have never been there before and it was really neat to see all the fossils of animals that lived before us. Well talk to you later


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