Wednesday, January 2, 2008



Ok, I know its late, but better late than never ha ha. Well, I took Austin to the dentist today and NO cavities HORRAY! It makes all the forcing to get into the bathroom and wining that no i dont want to brush my teeth all worth it. Also i set Josh's first appt up he will have his first dental in May after his birthday.


We had a great christmas! We stayed at my parents house. It was so much fun. When the kids finally went to sleep SANTA came and helped us put out presents and boy was there a lot. He kept us busy. After santa left we went to bed or should i say everyone else went to bed Josh woke up and could not breath i think he is allergic to cats. So me and Josh were up and down all night so 7 am came along and we decided we would wake everyone up he he he. I wanted to open presents i know im horrible. So Jason got a gift card to Sportsmans and PJ's, socks, and 1st and 2nd Harry Potter movies and a poker chip set that is really nice. I got a ring, necklace and ear rings, lots of cloths, shoes, and a watch. Austin got a new bike He loves it and a ton of other toys. Josh got a Jumperoo and he loves it only when you bounce him he has not figured out how to jump but its fun. After presents we went sleigh riding It was fun but josh did not go he was still not feeling well. Austin liked to ride the snowmobile more than sled though so he was mostly with Grandpa Ralph riding around.

Here are some pictures.

So Cute

GOOD Morning 7AM he he!

Austin's new "GAME" lol.

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Emily Walker said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas! The first picture of Josh is so dang cute. Your boys are getting so big. You look great in your family photos. I hope you are doing great.