Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sick Kids UGH!!

Yucky!! is all i got to say. First Austin got sick about a week ago and he was not keeping anything down. He also had a fever of 102.6 poor kid. When Austin just lay's on the couch and dose not move cause he is so sick you know he is not him-self. So we get him so finally better to go back to school and Josh gets really sick so we go to the dr and he has 2 full blown ear infections, soar throat, but is not weezing. So he gets meds for the infections and we are sent home 4 days later he is weezing really bad and having a tough time breathing. Yup he cought RSV Yucky!! SO we have been getting up in the middle of the night a lot and giving breathing treatment checking to make sure he is breathing fine. Its so scary to think we might have to jump up and go to the hospital. so we are still fighting this awfull Virus its not fun so thats what im doing if i dont post to often.

On Another note its Our nephew's Birthday party today and we were not able to go so


We love you! .

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Lacey said...

Oh look at you posting a birthday post for my child before I get Thanks...we missed you at the party. I hope Shirley brought you those cupcakes.