Saturday, March 29, 2008

Walking! and Health update

YES! Josh is walking!!! I really don't want him walking cause he still needs to be a baby. But in his mind he has to keep up with Austin. He has already crashed into the Entertainment center and has a nice scrape on his head. He has also been sick with the Croup yet again. So he has been coughing runny noses and up in the middle of the night cause he cannot breath.

On to me. Well i went in for a check up for my psudotumor and well its swelling back up again. I kinda figured it was cause its been giving me constant migranes. My neck hurts all the time so yeah not good. They uped my meds so i get numb feet and hands again. My legs jump at night. Right now they just are uping the meds and hoping it will go back down other than that no game plan yet.

Well i will post pics later i just dont feel good enough to do it today.


Emily Walker said...

Oh man, I hate to hear you arent doing so well. It's hard to feel even the littlest bit down when you have kids. I wish you well. I cannot believe Josh is walking. Brooklynn is too! It was 3 days before she turned 11 months. It's crazy what these babies do. Austin is looking so big in the pictures I've seen on myspace. What cute boys.

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