Monday, January 31, 2011

Oh hey look a new post!!!!!

I know its been a long time since the last time I have posted anything.  My life has been pretty crazy and I really was not up to posting anything.  Here I am though typing away.... As many of you may already know I graduated from Stevens Henager with my Associates Degree in Medical Assisting.  I will actually get to walk in May, with my sister Brittanie, who also just recently graduated.  I am very excited for that!!  I am currently looking for a job still and I am very eager to put my training to use.  Its just that most company's want you to have at least a year job experience before they want to hire you.  It is very frustrating because I know if they just let me show them I can do the job and that I am a reliable employee that will be an asset to the team if they just put me to work.

So this is what I have been doing since I have been staying home with my kids.  We are big into visiting The Wild Child  or   They are great it is a big enough place that the kids can run and get their energy out and small enough that I can keep my eye on them all the time. Austin and Josh love it.

I had and SEP conference with Austins teacher today and he is doing great!! I am so proud of his progress that he is making in school.  The only thing Austin needs to work on is he wants that one on one attention with his teachers so he will pretend that he dose not know what he is doing when he is doing his work in class which makes him stay in for recess but its kinda funny when that recess bell rings how fast his work gets done and able to go play. My favorite thing that Austin brings home from school that he has learned at the end of the day the teachers ask if any of the kids have a compliment or something they liked doing that day and when he comes home he always says to me Mom I have a compliment for you and I ask him what that is and he goes I love you because you play games with me.  It makes me feel so good when he dose stuff like that.

Joshua is also doing well in school. His speech is accelerating and is making real progress.  I can now understand what he is saying.  Yes I am finally potty training him I have been slacking on that very badly but like I said its been crazy lately.  Josh's favorite thing to do is to get his Nemo blanket and climb on your lap and read a book.  Sometimes you do not even have to read he just likes to point things out and he tells you his own story you may not understand but its way cute when he dose this.

As February approaches I have been thinking what Love means to me.  The only thing that runs deep in my heart is my family.  I love them so much! Without the people in my life that I have today I would be so lost without them.  I would do anything for my boys they are the one thing in my life that wakes me up and pushes me each and everyday to be the best person, mom that I can be.

ok weird post but hey I tried lol

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