Monday, May 21, 2007


Life never stops throwing curve balls! Ok so on Thursday i went to Coalville to visit my family. I drove my explorer everywhere. It ran just fine. On the way home a semi pulled in front of me and i had to slam on my breaks (i was going the speed limit, but he was going really slow) then my abs light came on. So i called Jason and he said turn the car off and it should go off if now we will take it in to get it checked out. Well instead of getting home first and then turning it off i decide to pull into shopko right off the freeway on Redwood rd. I turn the car off and try to turn it back on and there is no power at all. So I have three kids in my car Jocelyn, Austin and Joshua (who is crying cause he is hungry). luckly we were off the road and parked in a safe area. So Jason to the rescue, he come and i leave him with the explorer and i take the kids home in the Ranger. So about an hour later jason comes home and the wire to the batterie was eaten through by the acid. So that was fixed. Two days later Jason was taking the car to get fixed and he got to about maceys and POOF fluid goes everywhere. So he pulls into Big O and they fix the car. LETS HOPE!

Austin is now adjusting well to Joshua well. He wants to help but he is too rough with him. I let Josh give Austin a "kiss" on the cheeks and austin thought that was neat. It was more of josh slobbering on austin is was cute. Josh slept for 5 hours last night is was wonderful! It scarred me cause i was not expecting him to sleep that long. Josh has his 2 week check-up tommrow. I cant believe we have had him for 2 weeks already i was thinking last night it already feels like we have had him forever in our family. So we are finally back to normal life again and it feels good. TTFN Ev

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