Thursday, May 3, 2007

Yet another Dr Appt! AND LAST ONE!!!

Ok so Tuesday night i was having really bad contractions they started at 1 am and i could not sleep for the life of me!!! So I was up till 3 am and finally decided to hop into the tub and the contractions stopped. I went to bed and I had to get up at 8:30 to take austin to Grandmas so i could go to the Dr's. Well I slept in till 9:20 and my dr appt was at 10:20. So I'm late of course. So some how I make it to the dr on time i pull in to park and i see my dr DRIVING AWAY!! So i walk in and the nurse tells me it will be an hour wait for my appt GRRRR. So since Jasons grandparents are only 2 blocks away i decided to go visit. It was really nice I love to sit and talk to them. Before i leave they offer me to come back after my appt and have lunch I said sure and so i left and went back to my dr. I get weighed and to my surprise I did not gain any more weight! SO this whole pregnancy i have only gained 20 pounds. With Austin i gained 60 pounds just to let you know. So I am now 3 cm dialated and 75% efaced. The dr then asks me if i want to be induced next week on the 9th. I said sure, so we will have our new little guy here next week. So scarry to think i will have 2 kids here in my home. So after my appt. I go back up to Grandma and Grandpa Deans house and they take me to lunch. I then go home barley able to stay awake driving. NEXT time im up all night and have an appt i will take someone with me cause i really scarred my-self driving. I pick up austin and go home put austin down for a nap and of course me too we slept from 2 to 5pm. It was so nice i better enjoy the naps now cause they are comming to an end very soon! Well thats all.

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Lacey said...

lol...I thought that you wanted to have the baby sooner...why did you take a bath to stop the contractions? Next time you should let them go so he comes!