Saturday, May 12, 2007

Joshua Ralph

Wow! He is finally here! It started at 1:30am in the morning on the 8th. I went to the hospital and i was a small 4 dialated. So we were there for 4 hours and I only had dialated to a full 4+ so they sent me home at 7:30 am. They gave me a pain pill and a sleeping pill and said get some rest. Well i come home and I'm in a ton of pain! I cry through the contractions for about 11 hours and thats when Jason steps in and calls the Dr. I'm bringing her in the dr says ok. We get there and I'm dialated to an 8cm. So I was given my epidural and it did not work. But the guy who gave me the epidural asked if i could push josh out without it. I beged him to redo it so he did not 10 sec after he redone it i was numb FINALLY!! So 15 min later my OB came in to break my water. So Im thinking i have a couple of hours to finnish dialating and i can rest. NOPE. Moving around and stuff finnished me dialating. SO i had to push. 3 pushes and Joshua is here! YAY! I was holding my baby before they got me admitted to the hospital it went so fast he he.
In these pic he is still kinda swollen I have some new pic but have not loaded them onto the computer.

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